Association Services Webinar Series 

Labor Relations Webinar
Labor Relations PowerPoint

ACCNJ Legal & Insurance Webinar Series

Webinar One: Insurance Part 1 – COVID-19: Coverage Analysis with Construction Risk Partners

Webinar Two: Document Control: Risk Mitigation and Management with Peckar & Abramson

Webinar Three: Insurance Part 2 - COVID-19: Claims Process and Industry Outlook with Gallagher

Webinar Four: NJ Construction Lien Law & NJ Municipal Lien Law with NY Comparisons with Peckar & Abramson

Webinar Five: New Jersey Prompt Payment Act with Connell Foley RECORDING
Webinar Five: New Jersey Prompt Payment Act Slides

Webinar Six: COVID-19 Safety vs. Labor & Employment, presented by Susanin Widman & Brennan

Webinar Seven: COVID-19 and Workers' Compensation, presented by Susanin Widman & Brennan 

Webinar Eight: Surety Market Update, presented by American Global, LLC

Webinar Nine: Bankruptcy Considerations for Construction Contractors, presented by Peckar & Abramson

ACCNJ Safety Council Webinars and Safety Short Presentations

July 17, 2020: Mobile Elevating Work Platforms, presented by HazTek

October 16, 2020: CDC, OSHA and Workplace Litigation (COVID-19), presented by Genova Burns

November 6, 2020: ACCNJ Safety Short on NJ's Updated Travel Advisory 
ACCNJ Safety Short – Travel Advisory Slides

November 20, 2020: ACCNJ Safety Short on Opioids - Prevention, Intervention, Treatment and Recovery with Bonnie Nolan 

December 11, 2020: ACCNJ Safety Short on Making Safety Meetings Interesting with Linda Tapp 

January 29, 2021: ACCNJ Safety Short Overview of AGC of America’s Safety & Health Services Recording
AGC Safety Health Services PowerPoint Presentation

February 12, 2021: ACCNJ Safety Short on OSHA Updates Under the New Administration with AGC of America 
AGC OSHA Update PowerPoint Presentation

February 26, 2021: ACCNJ Safety Short on Motivational Interviewing with Dr. Bonnie Nolan 
Motivational Interviewing PowerPoint Presentation

ACCNJ Coffee Talk Webinars

October 27, 2020: NJ Infrastructure Bank's David Zimmer 

November 11, 2020: NJ Turnpike Authority's Rob Fischer
NJ Turnpike Authority Capital Improvement Plan Slides

December 15, 2020: Port Authority NY/NJ's Mike Wallace 

ACCNJ Presentations

ACCNJ Seminar - Is Your Company RFP Ready, presented by Genova Burns 

Political Speech in the Workplace, presented by ACCNJ Director of Legal & Insurance Affairs Michael Regina